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Niue Island Meteorological Service provides meteorological and climatological services to the nation of Niue, a peaceful tropical Island in the South Pacific located at 19S 170W. Known as the Rock of Polynesia, it is an Island where tourists can discover tranquility.

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Niue Island Meteorological Service provides synoptic and climate observations to the international meteorological community, as well as disseminating general, marine, aviation and Tropical Cyclone forecasts and warnings to the nation of Niue.



The average temperature for Niue varies between 22.9 deg C in winter (Jul & Aug) to 26.6 deg C in summer (Feb).

The annual mean rainfall is 2066 mm.

There are two seasons, summer which is the wet season, and winter when the island experiences very little rainfall. This is the ideal time to visit and relax in the warm tropical sun.


Despite being located on a peaceful tropical Island, Niue Meteorological Service has the latest in meteorological technology.

There is an Automatic Weather Station located at Hanan Airport recording the changes in the weather at minute intervals, and a Weather Satellite receiving station allows the Met Officers to view the changing cloud patterns of the South Pacific in real time.

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